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Motorsport UK

Motorsport UK

Motorsport UK Year Book (aka Blue Book)


Motorsport UK Year Book (aka Blue Book) Section R Rallying


Motorsport UK Permit Fees


Motorsport UK Competitor Minimum Age & Licence

2024 Year Book Section H Appendix 1 Chart 7 p144 Chart 26 p145

Motorsport UK Signing On Documents
(All to be found in the Motorsport UK Document Library)

under S
Official (Under 18)

under P
Parental Consent Authorisation

Motorsport UK Marshals


Motorsport UK RS Clubman Competition Licence


We are Better Together

We launched the initiative at the end of October with our social media campaign video, designed to improve the inclusivity of the motorsport environment and show that all are welcome to participate in our sport. We are really proud of our progress so far - the video has had over 15,000 views, hundreds of shares and has even reached America! So we'd like to thank all of those who have shared the video, our message and proudly displayed the Better Together logo on your personal/club social media channels, in your club magazines, websites and in correspondence with members.

We are now ready to launch the next step of our initiative.

It's extremely important that everybody should be able to enjoy our sport, so we have created a Code of Conduct to make clear the behaviours that we expect at Anglia Motor Sport Club.

We are asking that all participants adhere to our Code of Conduct at all times when they are at an event and report any breaches to their Club Safeguarding Officer.

We kindly ask that you please display our Code of Conduct on your Club website(s), social media channels, event regulations/finals and at your events, to ensure that our events are inclusive and accessible to all.